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What our students are saying

“Lloyd is extremely knowledgeable and has real life examples aplenty! It also helps a lot that he's very funny - time simply flies. I feel like I am ready to tackle DM problems! ”
“I enjoyed listening to Lloyd's data stories. It put into perspective some of the information we were covering and why it was important. ”

Our most popular courses

Upgrade your data management skills with one of our data management training courses.

Intensive Data Management

Gain the foundations of data management data governance and data quality as outlined in the DMBoK

Exam Prep

Study with us and ace your Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP): Data Management Fundamentals exam

Practical Data

Develop and review data models, this course will teach you data modelling concepts and practical skills

Data Mangement Overview

Learn the core foundations of data management to help you prepare and excel in your data management career

Introduction to
Data Governance

Ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to setting and enforcing rules to improve Data Governance

Introduction to
Data Quality

The data quality sessions provide a practical foundation in understanding and implementing data quality

Becoming a
Data Steward

Learn to Communicate data in simple clear messages to you audience in an incredibly powerful way.

Introduction to
Data Storytelling

Designed to support your newly minted Data Stewards to lead your workforce and put your new data strategy into action.

Why learn with us?

Data is driving today’s organisations to transform the way they operate. This transformation is generating many new roles in the workforce. Organisations now survive on their ability to handle their data well. Organisations are constantly seeking out staff with strong data skills. 

Increase your value by becoming data savvy

Certified instructors

You will learn with our CDMP Certified data management professionals who have refined their teaching methods over three decades of teaching and coaching individuals and teams.

Best practice

You will get access to continuously reviewed and optimised learning. Programs which are based on industry best practice - the  Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK)

Build confidence

You will improve your skills and increase your confidence in handling data which will make you a sought-after and valuable asset in today's workplaces.

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