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data management

Making data simple and easy to understand

Our world is full of data. Our personal and working lives are immersed in data through social media and via interactions with government and businesses.

Data Management Training

Practical Data Modelling
Enrolling for: November

This level 2 courses gives you understanding and confidence to develop and interpret Data Models.

Intensive Data Management
Enrolling for: September

Intensive Data Management course
This level 2 course covers the essentials for data and information professionals wanting to increase their effectiveness in Data Management.

CDMP Exam Cram
Enrolling for: December

This level 2 covers the knowledge areas of DMBOK v2. Includes summaries of each chapter, sample questions,  and tips on passing the CDMP exams. 

Data Literacy
Enrolling now

This level 1 course gives you practical ways to learn how to source, organise and protect data. Enabling you to be confident handling data in your everyday role.

Data Management Overview
Enrolling for: November

This level 2 course covers the basic aspects of data management and provide you with an understanding of data management.

Data Governance
Enrolling for: October

This level 2 covers how to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to setting and enforcing rules to improve Data Governance.

Data Quality
Enrolling for: October

This level 2 course provides a practical foundation in understanding data quality for at anyone working with data quality.

Data Storytelling
Run in-house

Communicating a message clearly to your audience is not a trivial task. A simple, clear message is difficult to achieve, but incredibly powerful

Data Stewards
Run in-house

Designed to support your newly minted Data Stewards to lead your workforce to put your new data strategy into action​

Why learn with us?

Data is driving today’s organisations to transform the way they operate. This transformation is generating many new roles in the workforce. Organisations now survive on their ability to handle their data well. Organisations are constantly seeking out staff with strong data skills. 

Increase your value by becoming data savvy

Certified instructors

You will learn with our CDMP Certified data management professionals who have refined their teaching methods over three decades of teaching and coaching individuals and teams.

Best practice

You will get access to continuously reviewed and optimised learning. Programs which are based on industry best practice - the  Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK)

Build confidence

You will improve your skills and increase your confidence in handling data which will make you a sought-after and valuable asset in today's workplaces.

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