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The data revolution is driving business transformation and creating new roles in the economy. To grasp this opportunity and achieve strategic outcomes, organisations need to lift the competency of their people to manage data.

To build this capability, we know learning and development managers are seeking practical, integrated and comprehensive options to drive staff improvement programs. From basic data literacy to practical data management skills and associated certification, we provide the practical competency boost your organisation is searching for.

Our platform

We understand staff aren’t always able to attend face-to-face training, so we have developed our training platform to provide a holistic learning environment online.

Your staff can access and complete courses at their own pace, participate in group discussions and access other practical resources.

Our platform allows you to: 

Our learning programs

Our learning programs will help you to achieve:

  • Compliance – Ensure your data users (ie staff) learn practical ways to source, organise and protect your data
  • Credibility – Provide your data stewards with the skills to grow their data leadership and build their professional credibility
  • Confidence – Give data owners the confidence that their data is being managed appropriately and effectively

Data Literacy course: enquire for a free trial

Why choose us as your service provider?

Our active consulting practice and our expertise across the data management spectrum means we have a depth of knowledge second to none when it comes to understanding the data competency needs of an organisation.


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You will gain exclusive access to senior data management experts with over three decades of experience practising and teaching

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Your staff will gain practical and relatable learning activities with downloadable resources that students can put into practice immediately

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Your organisation will gain access to additional online material providing a pathway for further competency development