Communicate Key Insights Effectively in Business with Data Literacy Skills

Collecting data is a pointless exercise unless it is put to good use. Being data literate is a skill that is fast becoming a must-have for businesses. Data literacy is the ability to identify, locate, interpret, and evaluate information and then communicate key insights effectively.

With Data Literacy under your belt, you will be in a great position to use data effectively to drive your business forward.

Why Is Data Literacy Important In Business?

Data literacy is becoming the equivalent of what computer literacy was a few decades ago. Finding meaning in data is a skill that is not only reserved for data analysts, but is fast becoming a general requirement for everyone. It enables fact-based decisions and future business potential through the uncovering of insights and opportunities.

If data is used correctly, it can assist you and your people in optimising their jobs, streamlining their processes, and amplifying their potential. The impact of this across the business can easily be recognised, if every person were able to harness this ability in their own capacities.

Businesses can communicate key insights within the organisation by being data literate. Having access to game-changing insights requires a stringent process of identifying, locating, interpreting, and evaluating the right data for the right requirements. Getting started with this process could look something like this:

  1. Establish the level of data literacy within your business and see where there are areas for improvement
  2. Ensure that the right kind of access to data is available for all employees
  3. Choose a data champion for each team to oversee and ensure that the right processes are being following to glean the relevant insights
  4. Ensure that everyone is speaking the same language, using data in their own respective roles to determine outcomes and make business decisions

How Can Businesses Become Data Literate?

Data is the new black: to be competitive, your business needs to be all over it. Institute For Data Management makes data simple and easy to understand with interactive and engaging online training courses. The training is practical, allowing participants to gain confidence in applying best practices in the use of data across many different business scenarios.

Did you know that only 24% of the global workforce is confident in their data literacy skills? That’s an incredible skills shortage in something that has proven to be a lucrative requirement for any business.

It’s time to shift that percentage. Upskill on an individual level or a business level with i4DM’s data literacy training.

Start here today.

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