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Ace your CDMP exam with live, guided training from Australian certified data management experts

Becoming a Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) is the ideal way to cement your understanding of the DMBoK v2 framework, add to your professional credibility, and gain a passport to a global career.

Our CDMP Exam Prep course is designed to help busy professionals like you score the marks you need for the DAMA International exam.

What you’ll learn

Join our CDMP course to focus your understanding of DMBoK v2 and the exam process, and prepare you for the Data Management Fundamentals exam.

We focus on providing true understanding that will stay with you; not just rote learning to get you through the exam.

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A$2,200 +gst

Sessions are
9am to 1 pm AEDT/AEST
*Except May which runs

Join hundreds of successful students from leading organisations

“…I scored 87/100, enough to get the Masters level…Taking the exam cram course gave me the confidence I could achieve this goal.”
Winston Sucher
Data/Solution Lead, University of Melbourne
“I don’t like to sit down and study!
It’s a great way to learn – having conversations and
getting quality notes.”
Vanessa Garbutt
Managing Consultant, Shoreline

What you get

4 x 4 hours live study sessions with expert trainers

100 practice questions, with answers and references

PDF material: Workbooks and a digital copy of DMBoK v2

Confidence you’ll get the mark you need in the shortest time

Our credentials

Learn from the experts

David Wiebe

David Wiebe | CDMP Master

David is a DAMA Master level Certified Data Management Professional with over 30 years of experience in data management. He’s also a Director and Data Architecture Lead at Robinson Ryan and a Past President of DAMA Australia.

Lloyd Robinson

Lloyd Robinson l | CDMP Master

Lloyd is a global authority on the practical development of data management implementation. He is a published author, presenter and trainer and actively contributes to advancing the data management profession. Lloyd is a Director and Data Strategy Lead at Robinson Ryan.

What we cover

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the course

Who is this CDMP course designed for?

This is a CDMP exam preparation course for anyone who is preparing to sit DAMA International’s Data Management Fundamentals exam.

As a rough guide, the CDMP certification is suitable for those already working in data management, who are bringing data together to create information. Example roles include business data stewards, data leaders, data analysts, data engineers, business analysts and data governance officers.

If you’re new to data management, our Intensive Data Management course is designed as an introduction to data management and the DMBoK v2.

Which time and time zone does the course operate in?

The course runs from 9am – 1pm AEDT/AEST (UTC/GMT +10) except the May course, which runs 1-5pm.

Can I join if I’m located outside Australia?

Absolutely, as long as you can join the live sessions, you can join the course. If you are outside of Australia and have a group wanting to take the course, we can modify the course timing to suit. Contact us to discuss.

What platform does the course run on?

We use Teams for the live, online sessions.

Do I get a discount as a DAMA member?

If you are a member of DAMA Australia, you can claim a discount on this course. Please get in contact with your DAMA chapter or log into the portal to access the discount code.

How can I pay for the course?

You can either pay by credit card or request an invoice.

About the exam

Do I need a hard copy of DMBoK v2?

Yes. You can buy the hard copy version from Technics, and we also supply you with a PDF copy.

Do I need to pay extra for the exam?

Yes, you will need to book and pay for your own exam via DAMA International’s CDMP website before you attend the sessions as this will provide access to the official practice exam.  

Can I take your workbooks/study notes into the exam?

Yes, the exam is open book.

When do I have to take the exam?

You will need to purchase the exam before the course, so you have access to the practice exam.

You can take the exam at any time. We recommend you take it as soon as possible after the course.

What do I get when I pass the exam?

If you pass the exam with 60%, you will be issued with an Associate certification.

Can I retake the exam?

Yes, you can request a retake for a fee. See the CDMP website for details. 

Need to get approval or apply for professional development funds?

Download our letter template to submit a PD request to your supervisor.

Ready to prepare for the CDMP exam, the easy way?

In our CDMP Exam Prep, you’ll: