Data Management Careers: Which Role is Right For Me?

The demand for data skills is only going up, driven by the exponential rise in data and the need to better manage, protect and use it. Most people think you need to be technical to work in data. But that’s because data science and data analytics hog the limelight.

There is a whole emerging discipline called data management that’s growing (and relatively geek-free).

In this webinar, we will explain in layman’s terms what data management is, why it’s a great career path, and the skills and personality you need for the different job types. Data managers come from an incredible array of backgrounds: psychology, engineering, environmental science, IT…. The list goes on. Whatever your background, if you’re thinking of making a career switch, this is a great place to learn more.

Robinson Ryan’s General Manager James Bell will interview our Director David Wiebe, who has more than 30 years of experience in data management across government, resources and utilities, financial services and IT. He’s a past president of the peak industry body DAMA Australia and actively contributes to DAMA International.

With a background in data modelling, data architecture, operations, integration and interoperability, there’s not much about data careers David can’t answer. He will cover all the top career questions, including:

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