Data Literacy | Level 1


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Enabling you to be confident handling data in your everyday role. Giving you practical ways to learn how to source, organise and protect data.

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Data Literacy

Enabling you to be confident handling data in your everyday role

Level 1

Course objectives

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

Benefits of this course

Gives you confidence to:

Who is this course for?

People who use data, but do not need or want to become data management professionals, practical ways of defining, organising and protecting data in the context of the modern organisation

Why Data literacy?

  • Organisations mandate training to protect valued assets: People, Money, Reputation and Data
  • Helps staff Improve their understanding and confidence in handling data assets.
  • “Organisations rely on their data assets to make more effective decisions and to operate more efficiently” (DMBoK V2 P20)

Course content

The course is underpinned with an ongoing case study. The case study is introduced with a video that you can watch when it suits you. Within each module are several concepts. Often these are supported by a video to introduce the concepts and to aid your learning.

Through the videos you will learn the impacts of good and bad data on the operations of organisations and the rights of individuals.

The course contains nine modules broken into three sections:

  • Defining data
  • Operating with data
  • Protecting data
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Defining data

Data Definitions explain the basic concepts about data.  We look at the things everyone assumes knowledge in, but nobody talks about – namely, what is data and what is its purpose?  We will consider:

  • What Data is
  • Why we keep it
  • The sort of culture we should aspire to

They provide a foundation upon which data operations and data protections can be built.

The modules are: What is data, Be orderly with data and Understand the data.

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Operating with data

Data Operations explain the everyday processes that we need to perform well to make data discoverable, maintained and trusted.  We will consider:

  • How do we know what Data means?
  • How do we go about finding it?
  • What should we do if we find a problem?

We also explore that trusting Data needs to be carefully considered and it requires more than an unfounded assertion of “Trust Me”.

The modules are: Find the data, Trust the data and Handle issues with data.

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Protecting data

Data Protections explains how having a copy of reality makes us subject to a number of restrictions: we need to handle our data legally, ethically and securely in order to uphold the expectations and rights of data owners.  We will consider:

  • What can we do with data?
  • What should we do with data?
  • How can we enforce these requirements?

We will also explore how legality, ethics and security overlap and impact each other.

The modules are: Handle data ethically, Handle data legally and Secure the data.