Drive increased value and efficiency across your organisation by introducing data literacy as a core skill

Business and organisation transformation has never relied more on understanding, managing and analysing your data. Data literacy drives everything from the seamless experience your customers and clients demand to the efficiency and cost effectiveness of every employee and your business operations.

Practical data management is not taught in MBA programs or most other university courses so to tackle the knowledge shortfall and boost strategic outcomes, organisations need to actively lift the competency of their people. That means adding Data Literacy to your list of KPIs.

Making data literacy an organisation-wide KPI

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By adding practical data literacy education as a major KPI, learning and development managers are embedding an essential skill across the organisation. They are equipping their workforce to improve productivity no matter the team or department.  Achieving this requires partnering with the right provider, one that can supply all the disparate data competency needs across the organisation.

Prioritise arming employees with the right skills for their everyday roles

Delivering practical options that equip all your staff with the skills they need in their roles, is key to improving data across your organisation.  The Institute for Data Management (I4DM) has developed a suite of online courses that range from basic data literacy and practical data management to associated certification in globally recognised skills. The range of courses allows us to provide employees at all levels and in all types of teams with the practical competency and confidence boost that will quickly show results.

On demand, online learning delivered by highly experienced tutors

Even though our courses are delivered online, your staff have access to an inclusive and well-resourced holistic learning environment. They will be able to work on courses at their own pace, participate in group discussions and have access to our other practical resources. Through practical and relatable learning activities and downloadable resources, participants are encouraged to put what they learn immediately into practice.

All the while, they are supported by senior data management experts with over three decades of work and teaching experience. Most are former executives across data management, IT management, business and data architecture, design and implementation capabilities. They are also training specialists and have developed materials are easy to follow. All this ensures access to a depth of knowledge that’s second to none delivered in a way that’s jargon-free and immediately implementable by your people.

The aim of every course is to increase each participant’s competency in managing data within their everyday role. With the added skills and confidence, they are also equipped to continue growing their knowledge around data management.

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Find out more about our foundation Data Literacy course and free trial for businesses and individuals here.

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