How important is data literacy to your organisation’s strategic horizon?

Attaining your organisation’s strategic goals requires a continuous evaluation of your vision, objectives, and how you’re going to get there. Without an accurate measurement of progress on a range of KPIs including resources, time and budget, it’s impossible to know how you are progressing. Understanding your data is the only way to do this accurately and efficiently. A critical success factor includes data literacy to be embedded across your organisation.

Improve your strategic goal monitoring by upskilling staff in data literacy

Data literacy is crucial to achieving any strategic horizon goal. While having a data management strategy to achieve your goals is key, if your employees don’t know how to correctly collect, store, manage and interpret data, you won’t know how well you’re tracking towards your  goals.  A lack of data literacy in teams may also delay the identification of problems within the business.

Create data literate staff throughout your organisation

The challenge is to educate your staff with the data literacy skills they need to be effective in their roles. The Institute for Data Management (I4DM) offers an online and on-demand suite of data management courses for both individuals and organisations.

All courses are designed to quickly get people using their newly acquired skills in their everyday roles. The courses range from basic data literacy that educates participants on how to apply best practice approaches to source, organise and protect data through to professional qualifications in data management.

Adding the Data Literacy course to your KPIs

By adding Data Literacy to your staff KPIs, you will ensure teams can assist in the establishing the right culture in managing data within your organisation and increase the quality of your reporting against and monitoring towards your organisations strategic goals.

They will know how to use data effectively and efficiently and when to trust and not trust data. Most importantly, they’ll know how to keep your data secure.

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The I4DM Data Literacy course is available online, is self-paced and takes just 4 to 6 hours of participant’s time.

To find out more, and enquire about a free one month trial, register here.  

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