How to align data literacy skills to your organisational competency framework

Every Institute 4 Data Management course employs a unique and highly effective training structure. Each level resolves common issues and provides the skills needed for the particular level of application. Together, they provide a pathway to grow every individual’s data competency according to specified global best practice methodologies and defined skill levels.

The Institute for Data Management’s competency model enables you to judge where an individual or team sit in their data literacy and how they can advance to the next level.

At all levels, you can nominate staff for ready access to learning resources. You can set access timeframes to our platform and track staff progress and completion. We can help you setup ongoing learning to support your induction program and tailor learning modules for your organisation.

Our current courses are:

  • Level 1 – Data Literacy for practical ways to learn how to source, organise and protect data.
  • Level 2 – Data Stewards for the skills needed to grow data leadership.
  • Level 3 – CDMP Exam Prep for sitting the Data Management Fundamentals exam.

The four pillars of increased data competency

As participants learn, they acquire greater competencies around their daily data management activities. A participant can start at any level, depending on their existing experience. Our team is able to help you and your staff decide which level is right for them.


Many people are aware of the need to improve their data literacy and obtain a knowledge of the key concepts in the discipline. During the Data Literacy course, they gain confidence in being able to apply key concepts that enable them to better contribute to the desired outcomes of their team.


From the very beginning, participants start learning to apply new disciplines to their role with guidance and review. They are encouraged to participate in working out solutions to problems and apply techniques needed to effect change.

As they progress, participants gradually grow in confidence in the techniques relevant to their role and begin applying them with coaching and mentoring support. They quickly understand the important role of data governance.


Participants start applying the discipline to their daily role with minimal guidance and review. They begin to see a recognisable difference in the organisation’s performance which grows their confidence and ownership of the improvement. 

Their capacity to think ahead is also strengthened. They are able to assess the quality of data- related work, detect when there are likely to be issues and effectively assess responses.

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After studying for the CDMP exam in level 3, participants have detailed knowledge of their discipline or technique and can provide advice and guidance to others. Their behaviours show a desire to keep improving and learning themselves. They also have acquired professional recognition of their knowledge.

Participants can assess current performance of data management activities and adjust activity to maintain performance within desired thresholds. They can plan for change, make recommendations, present the recommendations coherently and deliver improvements to completion.

Partnering with data management training experts

The Institute 4 Data Management is dedicated to providing the very best data management training to globally recognised standards. We understand how important these skills are to organisations and individuals and offer a resource rich learning environment with ongoing access to our training resources. Our learning environment exists to develop and hone skills, knowledge and experience in Data Management across organisations and individuals.

Find out more about what we can offer your organisation, our courses and our free trial for businesses and individuals here.

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