How To Survive As A Data Newbie: Data Literacy Tips

Data Literacy Tips When Starting Out

If Data has you frequently scratching your head – you are not alone! Many data newbies are in the same boat.  Many don’t have a clue what data literacy is, wouldn’t know a data strategy if it sat down next to them, feel like they’re talking a different language to the Data Guys, and have no idea what all the fuss is about data management.

That’s why we’re here to share a few data literacy tips with you, so that you too can venture into the world and survive as a data newbie.

Learning The Lingo Of The Data Nerds

We need to start with the basics, learning the lingo. That way, anytime a data reference is thrown around, you will know the meaning and possibly even understand the concept. Coming to a new role with some background in data, you might have heard or even used all this language before. However, there might be different applications for key terms. 

Understanding is not just consistency of language but consistency in the meaning of the lingo being used. Here are a few tips that will help you fully understand what other people are talking about, and help you stand resolute in what you’re saying too.

Data Literacy Tip 1: Every time you hear a data-related term, Google it and read up on the meaning

Start with the basics. Every time you hear a data-related term, Google it and get the meaning. Then go back to the context and see if you can understand how it fits in and what’s being discussed. Try to understand not only the meaning of the terms, but also the usage.

Data Literacy Tip 2: Work out how the term relates to your situation and what action you need to take

Skill up when you can. There are loads of online resources that are there to feed you data literacy tips and more. DMBoK is the Data Management Body Of Knowledge, and their purpose is to share information and practices related to data management and literacy.

We also have a great entry level Data Literacy Course that you can check out here.

Data Literacy Tip 3: Talk To The Data Nerds For Clarity

Take the position of being a student and be open to learning about data literacy and management. If you approach data literacy as knowing everything, there will no room for growth. Speak to your local data nerds and get clarity on concepts that you don’t fully understand. You might find that their passion for data helps you see it from a different angle that makes it more tangible.

Data Literacy Tip 4: Sit In On All Levels Of Meetings For Context

Understanding the role that data plays in all sectors of the business is important, and it also might open different contexts in terminology. Sit in on meetings – where possible – and observe the conversations. Take notes about key terms and their meanings and jot down words you don’t understand so that you can look them up later.

Data Literacy Tip 5: Put Your Skills To The Test

Whenever you have the opportunity, try and explain things in the language of the data nerds rather than avoiding using the key terms. You might feel a case of imposter syndrome creeping in at first, but eventually you will start to rattle off data lingo with ease.

Once you’re confident, you can get even more comfortable in handling data literacy terms in your everyday role by taking up one of our learning programs.

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