How to Talk To the Data Nerds – Data Literacy for Beginners

Data Literacy for Beginners

We can’t all be data experts, but we all need to have some level of data literacy to survive in today’s technological world. This ever-expanding and advancing world runs on data and information. Not only is the ability to read, work with, and analyse data a critical to success in almost every aspect of business, learning to speak the same language as the data nerds will help immensely.

Many entrepreneurs and business managers understand the importance of learning about data literacy . There will be circumstances within business where data literacy is required. Understanding how to speak the “data” language is especially important in these instances to ensure that your requirements are met.

Data Literacy For Beginners – Talking To A Data Nerd

Your ability to communicate effectively with your data team can significantly affect the outcome of your project. Here are six tips that can help you communicate better and make the best use of the talents of data nerds:

Be Clear With Your Objectives

When you are working with the data nerds, it’s important to be clear on what you want. If, for instance, you want to cut costs, make it clear. If your major objective is to identify new business opportunities, state the requirements clearly for your data expert. Clear objectives help keep everyone’s focus on the right things.

State Your Exact Expectation

Most times, data nerds need to know your exact expectations to deliver the best business solution. Understand what a final and acceptable outcome would look like and be exact about your expectations in order to achieve them.

Understand the Type of Data You Need

Understand the data you need in accordance with what you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself what you need to achieve your objectives. When you understand what data you need for your requirements, you make the work of the data team easier. In return, they may suggest other useful data types or alternative sources to meet your needs.

Be Sure Of the Quality of Data You Need

There is no such thing as 100% quality data. The data might need to be very accurate or to identify a trend or pattern. Either way, understand the level of quality you need in order to let the data team know so that they can tailor the possible solutions accordingly.

Don’t Use Similar Overlapping Terms

External data specialists who are not part of your team might not understand your regular company lingo. Be clear in your communication, don’t use overlapping terms to explain the same thing and use straightforward terms that are easily understandable. A term that is commonly mixed up is “client” and “customer”, this will cause confusion if the definitions of both are not clear.

Prioritise The Important Things You Need From Data Nerds

Help the data team understand which tasks are urgent and which ones can wait. Be clear in what you need to prioritise. The Data team is often overwhelmed by requests coming from all parts of the business. Often these requests are just a laundry list of requirements. The data team will be appreciate understanding your priorities, this will help them serve you better.

Question: Why do I need to speak the data nerd’s language, why can’t they speak mine?

Remember, the Data experts are your technology experts, they understand the nuts and bolts of a system and rely on you to direct them in the priorities of the business.

Start Your Data Literacy Journey Now

If you don’t have a data literacy background, working with data nerds can bring meaningful results to your business. However, it’s never too late to start learning.

Equip yourself with the relevant information you need to be able to speak fluidly to data nerds or do become a data nerd yourself with a course in data literacy for beginners.

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