What Does Data Literacy Mean and Why Is It Important For My Job?

What Does Data Literacy Mean?

Data literacy is a collection of abilities that centre around being able to read and analyse data, work with it efficiently, and manage it effectively. It also involves being able to communicate with data in a way that assists businesses in making data-driven decisions that positively impact the business.

As an individual, being data literate enables you to build on knowledge, make informed decisions, and tell accurate and meaningful stories. This assists in your personal role within a business, but it also elevates your potential performance for the business as a whole.

How Does Data Literacy Impact My Job?

All businesses make use of data across all areas of their business functions. The need for understanding and using data responsibly is growing rapidly day by day. Collecting data is not the same as analysing it or understanding it. Understanding it is not the same as applying it for a purpose. This is where data literacy can enable progression and ensure that data is being used to its full potential.

Data literacy is becoming a prime factor that companies and other organisations consider when hiring a new employee. Having employees on-board who can interpret the data they have at their disposal is a huge asset, and a vital component for many digital roles.  

Here are a few advantages to being data literate in your job:

  1. Enables You To Excel In Multiple Roles

Regardless of your current position, data literacy can open doors to promotions or even management positions. The converse is also true. Individuals who are not data literate will find themselves battling to maintain momentum with their data-literate counterparts.

  • Take The Lead In Your Job

Today, most employers don’t want to hear theories. Instead, they want visual evidence that backs up concepts and solutions. Many businesses are failing to keep up with the need for quality data literacy skills. Instead of waiting for your employer to upskill you, take the lead and enrol in a data literacy course. Showcase how the skills are of benefit to you in your role to encourage your business to follow suit. Perhaps they will even reimburse you for your training.

  • Do Your Job Better

Data can empower you to perform your role better and it gives you the credibility you need to have your voice heard. Data can help you make meaningful contributions to the business growth and the decision-making process.

Make an investment in your future. Enrol in our data literacy course today.

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